Come on then, take mine. Take my memories. I know you’ve got a big appetite. I have lived a long life and I have seen a few things. I walked away from the last great Time War, I marked the passing of the Time Lords, I saw the birth of the universe and I watched as time ran out, moment by moment until nothing remained, no time, no space, just me. I walked in universes where the laws of physics were devised by the mind of a mad man. I watched universes freeze and creations burn, I have seen things you wouldn’t believe, I have lost things you will never understand - and I know things, secrets that must never be told, knowledge that must never be spokenknowledge that will make parasite gods blaze! So come on then! Take it.

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Never let him see the damage. And never, ever let him see you age. He doesn’t like endings.

But he suffered losses which hurt him. Now, he prefers isolation to the possibility of pain’s return.